Ghost Labs Employee File: Isruphalo Edit

With no known last name, Isruphalo is the current Head Of Biogenetics. He was first introduced in the Weird Mobs Mod Showcase when his main genetics lab had a containment breach of sorts. With extremely pale skin and vibrant blue eyes, Isruphalo is human, although it may not look like it. Due to his genetic experiments he has altered his body chemistry to cause drastic changes to his original appearance.

He is always smiling, which some find rather disturbing, and he is reputed to have killed quite a few testificates, although any of the deaths have been covered up by Ghost Labs CEO Lucian V. Ghost.

A large portion of the Ghost Labs budget has been shifted to his experiments in the fields of mutant creatures and bio-mutations.

He was formerly a member of the Science Academy, but was expelled after he was found using mutagenic elements and serums on other students. After he was expelled, he was hired by an unknown company to continue his research. All that is known about his time working for this unknown company is that, due to working on a tight budget, a lot of his compounds and serums were tested on himself, which is what caused his current state of appearance. Ghost Labs CEO Lucian V. Ghost found him in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, barely breathing. He had been forcibly ejected from his laboratory, but he had managed to destroy most of his research beforehand.

Although Dr. Isruphalo is an individual with questionable ethics, he was taken in by Ghost Labs due to his experience with Biogenetics, and besides, Ghost Labs has questionable ethics of it's own, however after the debacle with the mutant creatures getting loose, he lost his position and the funding for his research and is no longer a member of the Ghost Tech staff. He has, however escaped without the mandatory mind wipe and is currently on the loose. All members of the public be warned that he is a very dangerous individual and should you encounter him you must contact a member of the Ghost Security Task Force as soon as possible, if you are not dead.