Please note that Ghost Labs and Lucian V. Ghost hold no ties, connections or other forms of comunication with the Yogscast, Yoglabs or any other Yogscast Ltd. trademarks. That being said, some characters have been found to look similar between both IP's. Any similarities are completely coincidental.

The Characters

Dir. Lucian V. Ghost

A summary of Lucian V. Ghost's life before and after the experinces that make him what he is today.

Prof. Xerion Baskerville

The Ghost Labs Employee File of Proffessor Xerion Baskerville.

The Index Of Ghost Ltd.

Ghost Tech Industries

Every piece of technology that passes Ghost Labs testing is manufactured by Ghost Tech Industries.

Ghost Tech Laboratories Ltd.

A place of great wonder and mystery. Dare you see what they hide behind their doors?

Ghost Construction & Co.

The builders of every location or building seen in Lucian V. Ghost's videos.

Ghost Confectionery Inc.

A factory that makes some of the most delicious sweets on this side of Minecraftia.

Ghost Mining Corp.

The resource gatherers.

Ghost Exploration Ltd.

Ghost Exploration launches mission to the depths of Minecrafta and the furthest reaches of outer space.

Ghost Funeral Services

Well, I think it's obvious what they do.